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I am a crumbling soul that never found it's place in the world.

На даннный момент моей главной разработкой является текстовое приключение Trypholoth.
I'm also highly suicidal right now and I'm afraid I'll be dead far long before the game can even remotely be classified as "finished".
that's sad. I'm sad. I miss having unlimited free time.
I would love to work on this site more, but, честно говоря, я боюсь, что уже слишком поздно.

Привет. Это я!




Trypholoth (wip).

This is my most favorite song of all times.

ELSE VII from a game called Rain World.

Huge thanks to James Primate for developing this masterpiece of a game.
Also thanks to Rain Land Society for posting various soundscapes from the game, including this song.

Do you hear it, little one?
The buzzing in the air?
The endless chatter of a thousand thousand voices, long dead?
They are gone, and yet they speak. Neither here nor there.
Does that seem familiar? Yes, it is quite amusing for a being in my predicament!

-Droplets Upon Five Large Droplets

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